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A life mastery centre for healing, personal and professional growth for women in Rwanda 

My name is Johanna Solvejg Juel Sandberg. My educational background, is anthropology specialised in Global Development studies, I’m a cultural intelligence facilitator and career/life coach. Back in 2013/2014 I researched the connection between trust and security in post conflict Rwanda, a collaboration with Rwanda National Police. 

Throughout the following years from 2016 I have been working in Rwanda with women of different ages and stages of their life and career. Two things keeps coming back in my conversations with them:

· One, how do you heal your traumas and how do you work through them in such a way that you will manage work and life while helping 

Secondly, how do you regain trust in yourself and others and by that find a sense of security back into your life? 

In 1994, Rwanda experience one of the world’s most horrific genocides, at least 800.000 people were killed and the country was in ruin. The Rwandan genocide against the Tutsis has created collective trauma and the traumas are effecting all generations in the country in different ways. While the country is rebuilding and people work intensely hard for progress people are suffering from the trauma of their history mainly on the inside. This creates barriers in their career development and affects families wellbeing and domestic violence and alcohol abuse is a regular nominator in many families. 

I’m a mother to a 17 year old girl with a Rwandan father and family. I have first-hand experienced and seen family trauma, alcohol and drug abuse and violence connected to post-traumatic stress related to the Rwandan history and genocide, in my time in Rwanda, being part of a Rwandan family and working with women in Rwanda. 

My vision is to create a multifaceted life mastery a centre mainly for women who can come for career guidance, personal growth, healing, body therapy and psychosocial support. 

The mission is to create a healing safe space that helps support women thrive in their life’s where they can sign up for yoga, meditation and individual session tailored to their needs with either a career coach, a body therapist or a therapist. With time it would be beneficial with group therapy sessions as well. 

25 years after the Genocide against the Tutsi, trauma healing remains a pressing public health issue in Rwanda. In 2015, a research study conducted by Interpeace and Never Again Rwanda (NAR) showed that many Rwandans continue to experience persistent trauma, which poses a challenge to the country’s development and peace. 

In Rwanda the government has mainly focused on justice and to rebuild the country’s economy and infrastructure. They do have different reconciliation and peace programs in a collaboration with donors and results show it does effectively reduces trauma, revenge tendencies as well as anger, and builds positive psychological resilience, social trust and tolerance and it effectively reduces the likelihood of participants engaging in violence and victimisation. 

However, there is a big present need for trauma healing and coaching one on one with clients and a need to create a places where Rwandan citizen feel confident to ask for help and support. They are the ones who are rebuilding the country and are the future leaders of Rwanda and we to provide them with the best possible tools


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